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Busy Books for Sensory Development

Introducing Busy Books for Sensory Development, a captivating collection designed to engage young minds and nurture sensory exploration. This set includes a variety of printed Busy Books, from Colors, Shapes, and Patterns to My Little Farm, My Body Mindfulness Time, Alphabet, Numbers, Writing Skills, Community and Construction, Pairing, Numeracy, Money, Now We’re Reading, Exploring Our World, and Starting with Science, providing a multisensory learning experience that fosters cognitive and sensory development in a delightful and educational way.

All the busy books can be helpful for sensory development. There are a range of different sensory experiences you can create with the Busy books using common household items such as pasta, stones, rice, chickpeas, flour and cocoa powder and so much more.

Busy books for 2 years old

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