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Quiet books, or Busy Books, are fun, educational books for kids to learn and develop different skills. While quiet books are often thought to be made of felt or other soft fabrics, they now come in digital and downloadable versions, as well as printable and physical books.

Our quiet books at Busy Books Australia aim to help engage kids’ natural curiosity, with different books to suit all ability levels. We have books to help kids learn maths, English, science, exploring the world, colours, construction, money, time and more. As kids move through books, you can add on different topics to help them broaden their knowledge and abilities.

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Quiet Books Provide Fun Learning for Kids Ages 18 Months to 11+ Years

Busy Books Australia offers quiet books suitable for ages 18 months to 11+ years, but may be suitable for other age groups too. While quiet books are fun for kids to learn from during playtime, they can also be used to help further develop in areas they may not be as adept in at school. This is why the books are broken down into different topics to help kids be able to learn specific skills as they grow at a pace that suits them.

The purpose of Busy Books is to help children develop their problem-solving, fine-motor, vocabulary and resilience skills, but can do so much more. Our mission is to change the way our youngest generation learns, nurturing their natural instincts and tapping into the latest in childhood education from the experts.

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Types of Quiet Books from Busy Books Australia

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Mathematical Quiet Books

Maths can be a drier subject, resulting in kids zoning out or losing interest. Quiet books use activities and visuals to engage children, even creating excitement when it’s time to learn and play with Busy Books.

Kids can learn their numbers, advancing into more specific areas of maths, like division, multiplication, and even money. Explore our range of print and downloadable mathematics busy books.

Fundamentals of Multiplication and Fundamentals of Division Busy Book Bundle Digital 2

Busy books australia

Science Quiet Books

Science quiet books with guided activities are a great way to help children follow experiments, and learn how different elements react. Science quiet books are also great for helping children problem solve and to develop their fine-motor skills. The use of pouring, tweezers and and other fun accessories allows kids to use many different skills all in one activity.

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Literacy Quiet Books

Quiet Books help kids further develop their language skills, such as reading, writing and speaking. Our different literacy books focus on different areas of language, including making sounds, tracing letters, completing words and sentences, and more.

To make literacy learning fun, we have used fun activities to guide children through different problems, including visuals associated with the words being shown or completed, flip tabs and more.

Starting with Sounds Now were Reading digital download bundle 1

And More

At Busy Books Australia, we have quiet books to help kids with so many different skills. Explore our range of digital, printable and printed quiet books, designed for children aged 18 months and up.

As your child grows, there are books to help them further their skills. They are ideal books for kids to explore on their own, with siblings or other children, or be guided through with a childcare professional.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is another name for quiet books?

Quiet books may also be known as busy books or activity books. You may also hear quiet books made from material be called felt books, but there are now many different types available to suit all families and learning environments.

Quiet books provide children with a fun way to develop their skills as they grow. They are designed to help improve fine-motor skills, cognitive development, hand-eye coordination, memory, and with basic literacy and numeracy too. The interactivity of quiet books helps kids to focus and be interested, increasing their ability to learn and their want to explore.

Quiet books are great for toddlers, generally aged 18 months and up. At 18 months, toddlers are generally at the stage to start using drawing utensils (like a pencil or crayon), manipulating objects (like tabs on a page) and developing basic words. So, quiet books are great at helping engage kids at this young age and keeping their interest while they learn new words and abilities.

Yes quiet books are a wonderful tool to assist with that tricky time when your child start to drop naps but still need some quite time to themselves. When you child would usually be having a nap sit with them and work through a quiet book, or set them up in a comfy corner with the quiet book to work on themselves, and enjoy a hot cuppa to yourself.


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