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Hi there, I’m Kylee, a wife and a stay-at-home mum to three lively kids. Like many parents, navigating the whirlwind of keeping three young minds engaged and learning through play has been quite the adventure, filled with its fair share of challenges and triumphs. But I’m proud to say I have given many parents opportunities to finally finish that hot cup of tea thanks to these wonderful Busy Books focused on connection and learning.

Busy Books Australia started when I was observing my eldest daughter Lilly play with toys around her and I felt like she needed something more stimulating to play with to keep her mind occupied and encourage more curiosity. I decided to create a basic Busy Book for her to play with. Friends who saw my daughter engaged with this Busy Book were instantly intrigued. They recognised the brilliance of the concept but found the thought of gathering activities, printing, and assembling them daunting and time-consuming for themselves so suggested I create them. I did just that 😀

Witnessing the joy and educational growth Lilly experienced while playing with her Busy Book made everything feel worthwhile. I had created something that blended fun and learning. That’s how Busy Books Australia came to life.

I noticed so many things after sharing the Busy Book with my daughter: her concentration improved, she got better at matching items precisely, and her understanding of colours, shapes, emotions, and patterns deepened. Upon trying these Busy Books with my son Ollie too, the impact was the same. These weren’t just skills confined to the pages of a Busy Book; they spilled over into their everyday lives, enhancing their interactions with the world around them. The positive impact was undeniable, and it sparked a desire in us to make these Busy Books accessible to all families.
Our mission is straightforward: to make these invaluable learning tools available and affordable for every family to enjoy and benefit from. Crafted with love, care, and attention to detail, we’re confident that your family, like ours, will cherish the moments spent with these Busy Books, fostering learning and growth in the most delightful way.



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