Developing Critical Thinking Skills with Age Appropriate Mysteries

Critical thinking is what helps us analyse information, solve problems and make informed decisions. For

How Reading Helps Children Understand and Manage Their Emotions

Emotions can feel like a big deal  for little people. When children are young, they

Using Books to Teach Your Child About Empathy and Compassion

Developing empathy and compassion are essential skills for children as they navigate the world around

The Role of Books in Developing a Growth Mindset in Children

We all want our children to do well in life. There is nothing more rewarding

Strengthening Your Child’s Communication Skills with Dialogic Reading

We all know reading is an essential skill for children to learn and can help

Fostering Curiosity and a Love of Learning Through Children’s Books

As a parent, one of your greatest desires is to see your child thrive and

Exploring Cause and Effect Relationships Through Children’s Literature

All parents want their children to grow up with a strong sense of curiosity and

Encouraging Self-Expression and Creativity with Interactive Books

In the digital age, where screens dominate and fast-paced media is the norm, fostering creativity

Boosting Your Child’s Memory and Concentration Through Reading

All parents want their kids to have the best possible start in life, and be

Using Children’s Busy Books to Develop Social Skills & Manners

Social skills and manners are essential for children’s healthy development and future success. They help

Books that Encourage Problem-Solving Skills in Young Minds

In an era where technological advances reign supreme, it’s easy for young children to get

How Picture Books Can Foster Spatial Awareness in Children

Most parents are well aware of the benefits of reading to children from a young

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