You may be able to use your NDIS funding to make a purchase from Busy Books Australia if you are self managed or plan managed. We recommend you seek advice from your support coordinator or plan manager if you are unsure, before you purchase.

Make sure you put the NDIS participant’s

  • Full Name and
  • NDIS number in the notes section at check out



1. You can order from the website as normal and pay upfront using our payment options. 

You submit your invoice / receipt to NDIS yourself.  As we receive payment upfront we send the items out immediately.


2. As a Pay LATER option 
  • Add items to cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter customer details (inc NDIS number) and shipping details.
  • Proceed to payment methods – it is here you can select the NDIS FUNDED payment method at checkout.  This is a PAY LATER option, to allow you to draw down first.
  • Include participant name and NDIS number in comments section.
  • Your confirmation email will have a PDF link to your invoice which includes payment details FOR YOU to upload to the portal to draw funds down first. If you do not receive this email directly to your inbox, try checking all mail or spam folder.
  • Once you receive the funds you pay us directly. Our invoice includes our bank account payment details for you. We would love you to send us an email advising payment has been made including your order number and or name on invoice. Please DO NOT reorder your product as the invoice and order will not match your NDIS approved invoice. Please contact us if you are unsure how to make payment
  • As soon as payment is received, we post the item to your preferred address and will send you the tracking number.


In this case, the Plan Manager / 3 Party Agency pays us directly for the products.

  • Add items to cart and proceed to checkout.
  • Enter customer details (inc NDIS number) and shipping details.
  • Proceed to payment methods – it is here you can select the alternate payment method “NDIS FUNDED” –  this will allow you to ‘checkout’ without payment.
  • Your email confirmation will include a PDF link to the invoice which includes payment details for YOU to forward to your plan manager for payment.  Unfortunately we are unable to send invoices to your plan manager unless they are the primary contact on the order.
  • If the email is not received directly to your inbox, try checking spam folder.
  • As soon as payment is received, we will post the item to your preferred address and send you the tracking number.


We are not currently a registered provider.



To make your life that much easier we have created a guide that you can provide to your NDIS Plan Manager about our Busy Books and how they beneficial in therapy for your child.  Please feel free to download this guide HERE and send it onto your Plan Manager to help further explain why you have chosen Busy Books Australia as a therapy recourse for your child.

If you have any question on any of these processes please email us at

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What Our Happy Parents and Therapists Are Saying About Busy Books


“Our Busy Books have been a huge game changer since we received them 6 weeks ago! In this short time we’ve seen so much positive change in our 4yo James - improvement in concentration, problem solving skills, recognition of both upper and lower case letters and their sounds, even grip strength and stability with the pen.”

Natalie Johnson
Mom of two

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