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We LOVE receiving feedback and reviews on our products! Hearing about the huge gains that little ones are achieving, at times after just 1 session with their Busy Book, is just unreal! Below are some of the reviews we have received:

– Audrey

3 Years old

– Charlie

4 Years old

– Thea

5 Years old

– Jack

6 Years old

– Angie


– Kaylee

3 Years old

– Arlo

4 Years old

– Kara


– Grace and Lola

Mum with her 2 year old


“We’ve been using Busy Books for over 18 months now with both of our sons James and Jack, now 6 and 3 years old respectively. Over this time we have used all of the Busy Books in the range and not only have they provided a huge range of learning activities for developmental growth, they’ve also been a consistently favourite part of play that brings fun every time (and has withstood two busy and destructive boys!)

James has eagerly used all of the books from the end of kindy and into school. He now particularly loves using the ‘My Body Mindfulness Time’ and ‘Pairing Numeracy Money’ Books to consolidate his learning in Year One, strengthening his knowledge at home in a fun and engaging way. He is currently using these books to learn to read both digital and analogue time, and enjoys being challenged with fractions. James reaches for his Busy Books when he needs some ‘quiet time’ and loves helping his younger brother Jack complete the activities.

Jack has been using both the ‘Colours Shapes Patterns’ and ‘My Little Farm’ Busy Books consistently over the past 12 months. Our journey with Jack has been a little different – we primarily use the books to assist with early intervention therapy and to promote Jack’s speech and language development at home. I work closely alongside Jack to complete the activities, and not only have we already noticed a significant improvement in both his vocabulary and expressive language, but we also believe these books have improved his ability to hold focus on a task and engage in imaginative play. Jack has gone from just a few spoken words at the age of two (moderately delayed) to a large range of words and forming sentences at the age of three (assessed to be very mildly delayed) – we attribute a lot of this developmental growth to his Busy Books. The best part? No matter how many times we repeat an activity, Jack thinks it’s just the best fun ever!!”

As a very busy toddler who never sat still and only wanted to play with cars, I attributed a lot of Jimmy’s early interest in learning to Busy Books Australia – it was the only thing he would sit to do for an extended time. After using and outgrowing the first release of Busy Books, we were so excited to hear about the launch of their newest bundle. James is now five and in his first year at school, and these two new books are perfect for him! Today we flicked through the ‘My Body, Mindfulness, Time’ book and it is absolute perfection for his age. The activities are spot on (think body parts, senses, learning to read time, left & right, sequencing of days, months and seasons, as well as feelings and emotions) and have provided a new challenge for him! He was all smiles the whole time he flipped! I have no doubt he will get a couple of years use out of this one, and then it’ll be our youngest’s turn. I can’t rave about them enough, these books are honestly the best investment for developing growing minds, especially busy toddlers! The quality is second to none and they allow us parents some downtime!”

October 2021

“James has honestly (mostly) outgrown it now. He’s in school and is smashing it, he’s already writing sentences and doing level 2 readers. At our parent teacher meeting in week 10 his teacher said we should be so proud of how much knowledge he had coming in and how his pen grip and understanding of letters and sounds was amazing. I give a LOT of that credit to your busy books. In saying that he still picks them up and plays with them, he loves doing some of the pages on repeat!”

– April 2021

“Our Busy Books have been a huge game changer since we received them 6 weeks ago! In this short time we’ve seen so much positive change in our 4yo James – improvement in concentration, problem solving skills, recognition of both upper and lower case letters and their sounds, even grip strength and stability with the pen. The biggest wow for me though is his eagerness to do it! I usually have to suggest ‘quiet time’ activities and we generally don’t get long out of crafts or colouring, so when James asks to do his Busy Books (and sits for 30 minutes at a time completing the different pages) it makes my heart swell! Highly recommend for toddler and pre-school children!”

– December 2020

Amy Purling

June 2022


“Kasiymah gets so proud of herself every time she completes a page from her beloved Busy Book. I don’t even have the words for how proud I am of her and her love for learning already”


Mum of two


“As a teacher this is always an activity that I thought id set up myself for my girls but I have never had the time. The books are great with all the pieces numbered so you know which page they belong too and a really sticky Velcro so they don’t fall out. They are such a great activity to have when your out and about to keep the kids occupied! Highly recommened!!!”

– Gemma

Mum of two and teacher


“I was really hesitant in buying this – a month in & its by far one of my favourite purchases for my 3yrd old! About to order the other book now!!”

– Fiona S

Colours Shapes Patterns & Alphabet Numbers Writing Skills Busy Books – “The twins love them! They each take one and one works with mum the other with dad and then they swap! We have also been using them in siennas speech therapy as well to get her to request “more” and things like that. Honestly they are amazing and so beautifully made. We had one incident with a missing picture that we replaced with the replacement one but found the original a few days later. I’m really happy that we ordered them and very excited for the next set and more to come. There is honestly so much in them they are never bored with them. You should be very proud and exhausted as I can see how much work goes into them! You should be very proud of these books you’ve done an amazing thing especially for kids with asd!” – August 2021

My Body Mindfulness Time & Pairing Numeracy Money Busy Books – “Theses ones blew my mind. I’m thinking they will last the twins about 12mths before they master them and that’s great! But then we went through them and there is so much variety and things they are still learning and things they haven’t learnt yet. And we realised they won’t last 12mths, these books will help them for the next few years. With all 4 books now there is so much variety that they never get bored and there is something for each of them. We learn together and we learn separately. They have been amazing for during speech therapy lessons as well helping promote speech and questions and answer time. I only wish I had had something like this when I was a kid. Love love LOVE them! You are amazing K!”

– Tara H

“On Wednesday it was a whole month with our original Busy Books! I am so proud of how far Lola has come with these books!We mainly use the Colours Shapes Patterns one as the other is a little more advanced for her level at the moment.We have the 2 new Busy Books on their way and can’t wait to use these with Lola.She actually asks to play with her Busy Books. She points to them and I say ‘busy books?’ and she nods!!! I’m just so proud of her.These are so entirely worth the money! They will be used more times than you think and your little ones will LOVE THEM.”

– Grace

“The Alphabet, numbers and writing busy book has been great for my daughter. I highly recommend this book especially for a child getting ready for Kindergarten. She really enjoys the content within the book. We sit together and talk about the sounds of the letters which gives her the confidence to complete it. She loves the velcro pieces and talking about each picture. Thank you Busy Books Australia for creating a book to assist my preschooler in her learning and getting ready for Kindergarten.”

– Kerin

“Thank you so much for the wonderful tool you have created!Jett (3.5yrs) has speech and sensory/fine motor skill delay and over the last few weeks having the books, we have seen him engage and focus like never before! He is a very smart kid, just sometimes cant express himself, so seeing him smash his way through all the letters and numbers with such enthusiasm is so beautiful! He gets so excited when we bring the book out, he is happy sitting and working away on his own, then shouts out with joy “Look Mumma, I’ve done it!!! “Little brother Bohdi (21 months) loves to get in on the action too! He is an old pro at the colour matching games and shape sorting, calling out “Oval” “Diamond” as he finds their spot on the page!! It’s incredible seeing his little mind ticking along!”

– Renee D

“I bought the Alphabet Numbers & Writing skills for my 3.5yo and he absolutely loves it. He is really into numbers and this book is a great complement to his learning. I’ll definitely be purchasing the other books in the future. My sister inlaws who are both primary school teachers were really impressed by this product.”

– Jessica A

“We absolutely love our busy book! We were lucky enough to win one in a competition in September, before winning I was contemplating on buying a book for my daughter but after discussion with hubby he thought it wasn’t worth the price tag. After seeing her use the book and see the learning she has gotten out of it he thought the book was fantastic, I went on to tell hubby I wanted to gift some books for Christmas presents and he seen the downloadable option on the website and didn’t even think twice and purchased… As an educator I can appreciate the effort that goes into these busy books after doing similar things in my job, so made hubby sit with me and cut, laminate, cut again and place sticky Velcro dots down. He said several times while doing this “why didn’t we just buy them!” We definitely appreciate all the hard work, thoughts and effort that has gone into all of these books Kylee these are absolutely phenomenal products.”

– Christine

Alphabet Numbers Writing skills Busy Book


“I have just received my order and I wanted to say THANKYOU. As a teacher I am always looking for ways to extend and build on my own daughters current understandings. Within minutes of opening she had snatched the first book and sat for 40 minutes completing page after page. Within 5 minutes these books have given me a great understanding of where she is with her understandings and I can’t believe how eager she is to learn! I’m beginning to think her “challenging behaviour” recently could be due to me not challenging her! Thank you for an incredibly beautifully presented, great quality tool which I can use at home and in the classroom!”

– Stacey B

“I run a Family Day Care and my children were so excited to open the box to see their busy books ….. they love the challenge, exploring and the discovery they will find on each page … we love all four of our busy books hope there’s more to come.”

– Gemma D

“I was completely blown away when I received the busy books earlier this week. With every page that I turned I could see activities that would help children better understand and feel in control of their world and would empower parents with the means to teach and discuss new concepts.I have already recommended use of some of the activities in consultations this week. What an incredible resource – I can’t wait to use them more and a huge congratulations to Kylee for producing something that clearly has so much work, passion and love thrown into it.”

– Ariella Lew

Paediatric Nurse Consultant, Director,
Kids on Track Consultancy


After spending time exploring all the Busy Books and trying activities with the clients, I support I can definitely say that I LOVE THEM! They will continue to be a resource that I use within sessions regularly!

Five things I love about the Busy Books:

  • The pages are not overcrowded with information and images
  • The ring binding so you can fold pages behind to solely focus on one page at a time
  • The spare pieces so that you can complete barrier games or memory games + you don’t have to worry about not being able to use an activity if one piece goes missing
  • The different ranges of activities targeting focus areas – this allows for you to approach the same topic in a different way or use different cues to support children to complete activities with support whilst setting them up for success
  • The books are really engaging with lots of fun pictures and bright colours – they also cover different themes so there is something for everyone! 
– Rhyannon Perkins

Therapy Support, Founder and Director,
Be Heard Therapy and Support


“It has been an absolute pleasure using Busy Books Australia’s resources in my OT therapy sessions. They are a perfect addition to my therapy bag to target goals of fine motor, social skills, attention, communication & cognitive skills – all the essential skills required for school! The kids have so much fun that they chant “busy books” & the parents are captivated by all the learning concepts taught by the book. They often ask how we can get this resource through NDIS funding!
As an OT, this has helped my kids to increase their engagement in activities. I use it to model language and extend on theirs. This is also the perfect activity to facilitate their fine motor / bilateral coordination as they NEED to use their helper hand as the Velcro is quite strong ! One of my favourite adaptable activities is hiding the visuals around the room and drawing a treasure map for my 7 y/o client. An awesome way to build spatial awareness, visual perception AND get some movement. Thank you so much. This will benefit parents, teachers, educators and therapists in supporting kids”

– Jessica L

JessThanPerfect_OT, Occupational Therapist


“I love the busy books as a mum of toddlers and as a speech pathologist for a few reasons – it has images that are bright and simple for little learners to recognise, it makes matching, colours, counting, letter sounds and early writing fun. It’s also adaptable for whatever goals you are targeting – can be used for turn taking, requesting and other areas of receptive and expressive language development. It’s also compact and easy to take away with you to cafes, during travel or out and about. A sturdy, quality book developed by a mum with love – I highly recommend it as a screen free alternative at home and as an educational tool.

– Mariah

Sound Adventures Speech Pathology


“We received our Busy Books about a month ago and they have been used every day since! Whether at work (I’m a paediatric Occupational Therapist), or at home by my almost 2 year old!The books are incredibly well made and the spare pieces are a lifesaver! All of the pieces are also numbered making it super easy to resort them all.The activities are all so different and fun, and target fine and gross motor skills in a fun way! We have loved using them to teach our little man about colours and he has particularly loved the fish sorting activity.He has been unwell for probably 3 of the 4 weeks, and these books have been amazing for keeping his spirits up! These books are worth every penny and I would highly recommend them to any parent or paediatric therapist!”

– Molly R

Occupational Therapist


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