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Fundamentals of Division

Fundamentals of Division


NOTE: These Busy Books will be dispatched mid July 2023 Gift your child the core basis of mathematics with the Fundamentals of Division, setting them up for life.
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Fundamentals of Division The Fundamentals of Division Busy Book has 20 fun activities to assist children in learning the fundamentals of division.

The Activity goals of the Fundamentals of Division Busy Book, are aligned to the Australian National Curriculum, for Stage 1 and 2.

Division is the inverse operation of multiplication. Many children believe they cannot divide, however we believe that they have not been able to make the link between both multiplication and division yet.

The aim of the Busy Book is for your child to begin to develop a number of fundamental strategies to understand Division, both on its own and as the inverse operation of multiplication. It works through strategies at increasing difficulties beginning with understanding division as sharing equally, before moving onto identifying and solving problems with remainders.

The Division Busy Book also allows children to complete an open-ended task to further extend and develop their skills. It is suited for children 7+ and can be adapted to suit children of varying abilities.

The content of this Busy Book was created by Primary School teacher Stephanie Menegakis. To learn more about Stephanie please click here.
NOTE: These Busy Books will be dispatched mid July 2023 Gift your child the core basis of mathematics with the Fundamentals of Division, setting them up for life.

Fundamentals of division:

Children will be able to:

  • represent division in equal groups
  • represent division in equal rows
  • recognise the division symbols
  • understand the idea of sharing fairly
  • work with halves and quarters
  • recognise that unequal groups cause remainders
  • understand the symbol r represents remainders
  • link division to multiplication
  • apply efficient mental strategies when dividing.
  • understand mathematical terms associated with division.

Stephanie is a qualified Primary School Teacher in NSW. She has a lifelong passion for teaching and learning and aims to instil a love of learning into her students. She is a firm believer that when learning is fun, children will be engaged and motivated to strive further.

Stephanie has been lucky to experience a number of teaching and learning environments since graduating in 2009. She maintains her Proficient Teaching Accreditation through NESA, and actively engages in Professional Development Courses.

Stephanie LOVES Mathematics and believes that all children can succeed if they are given the right tools. She is the creator of our Fundamentals of Multiplication and Fundamentals of Division Busy Books. Both books work through a number of strategies to help children hone their skills but also make maths FUN!

On a personal note, Stephanie is a mum of 3 who loves spending time with her family. Whether it’s outdoor adventures, baking cookies or simply watching movies. She shares some of her motherhood journey on her blog at www.mummybloggersydney.com.

  • Large A4 Busy Book 
  • Fun educational activities that increase in difficulty as you proceed through the Busy Book
  • Clean and clear activities so as not to overwhelm children 
  • Each activity page is numbered, and each activities cut out pieces are number with  corresponding number, to help make tidying up easier 
  • Designed with curious and boisterous toddlers in mind 
  • Strong spiral bind that is flexible and won’t let pages escape 
  • Clear velcro dots to allow full visual of the activities 
  • Glazed pages providing spill proof protection and ability to use dry erase markers on it
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