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Now We’re Reading Printed Busy Book

Now We’re Reading Printed Busy Book


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Speech Pathologists
Speech Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Early Childhood Educators
Pediatric Pathologists
The Now we’re Reading Busy Book has 20 educational activities written by certified, practising  speech pathologist, Mariah Apostolopoulos.   The Now we’re Reading Busy Book applies a systematic, synthetic phonics and science of  reading approach to early literacy required to support reading and spelling skills.   The activity goals and learning objectives of this book align with the school curriculum and are  appropriate to supplement learning for all students starting their literacy journey, typically within  the first year of formal schooling. Preschoolers who have started to show an interest in written  text and early literacy skills will also benefit from this book.   The Now we’re Reading Busy Book introduces SATPIN sounds explicitly – it starts with identifying  initial sounds in isolation, identifying and manipulating sounds at the start, end and middle of  words and works towards decoding CVC and CCVC words at sentence level, while harnessing  phoneme blending and segmenting skills together with strengthening letter-sound relationships.   There are clear activity goals within the book which are addressed in a fun, play-based way to  engage little learners while also utilising the most evidenced-based approach to literacy  acquisition. Fantastic for working on early literacy at home, in school or therapy clinic.   The Now we’re Reading Busy Book is suitable for children aged 4 – 8 years of age depending on  abilities.   For the speechie or learning support teacher on the go, the Now we’re Reading Busy Book can  become your ‘go to’ with lots of literacy activities consolidated in one place. You can easily refer to  the table of contents to select activities that align with your learning goals quickly. It is also a great  resource for home practice to support the learning from your session or classroom.  This Busy Book was written by certified practicing speech pathologist, Mariah Apostolopoulas.  For more information on Mariah click here  
  • Systematic, synthetic phonics and science of reading approach to early literacy
  • Supports reading and spelling skills 
  • Initial phoneme identification 
  • Final phoneme identification 
  • Medial phoneme identification 
  • Phoneme blending 
  • Phoneme segmenting 
  • Strengthening phoneme-grapheme links 
  • Onset-rimes 
  • Phoneme substitution  
  • Decoding at sentence level with SATPIN 
  • Builds vocabulary 
  • Assists with development of speech 
  • Excellent for children with speech and intellectual delays 
  • Gain cognitive development skills 
  • Problem solving skills 
  • Fine motor skills 
  • Hand eye coordination 
  • Patience under understanding
  • Large A4 Busy Book 
  • Fun educational activities that increase in difficulty as you proceed through the Busy Book • Clean and clear activities so as not to overwhelm children 
  • Each activity page is numbered, and each activities cut out pieces are number with  corresponding number, to help make tidying up easier 
  • Designed with curious and boisterous toddlers in mind 
  • Strong spiral bind that is flexible and won’t let pages escape 
  • Clear velcro dots to allow full visual of the activities 
  • Glazed pages providing spill proof protection and ability to use dry erase markers on it
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