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Childhood development experts generally say that a reasonable attention span to expect of a child is two to three minutes per year of their age. That’s the period of time for which a typical child can maintain focus on a given task.

Average attention spans work out like this:

2 years old: four to six minutes

4 years old: eight to 12 minutes

6 years old: 12 to 18 minutes

8 years old: 16 to 24 minutes

10 years old: 20 to 30 minutes

12 years old: 24 to 36 minutes

14 years old: 28 to 42 minutes

16 years old: 32 to 48 minutes

It’s worth noting that some developmental researchers put the upper limit at five minutes per year of a child’s age, meaning a 2-year-old could be able to focus on a task for up to 10 minutes at a time. Of course, these are only generalisations, an how long a child is truly able to focus is largely determined by factors like how many distractions are nearby, how hungry or tired the child is and how interested they are in the activity.

How To Prolong Attention Span For Children

Taking a few short breaks by stopping to talk about what they are working on or having a drink or water or a quick bite to eat may also help with prolonging their attention on a specific activity.

From our own personal experience, and the feedback from our friends and many of our Busy Book clients, we have found that many little ones enjoy our Busy Books so much that they have been spending up to 2 hours at a time playing with their Busy Books! Here’s what Crystal had to say:

“Luccca normally has the worst attention span I have tried for so long to sit and get him to do stuff like this he normally gives up and says its to hard and chucks a tantrum when I have tried before with learning books from kmart but tonight was amazing he sat there for 2 hrs playing around with his busy book and I had to pry him away for a bath so so happy I will be buying one for my nephew tomorrow.”

Have you found your little ones attention span and concentration has increased from using their Busy Books?

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