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Busy Book Benefits for Parents and Caregivers

Busy Book Benefits for Parents and Caregivers

A Busy Book is such an amazing educational tool for not just toddlers and young children, but parents and caregivers as well.

Parents and caregivers you say!? How are they beneficial to parents and caregivers?!

Hands up those who have more than one child and those who have struggled to find ways to entertain the older child when trying to get your baby to sleep, or feed your baby.

Hands up those who have struggled to find ways to entertain your toddler or young child in the morning when you wake up and you just want to sit for 5 minutes to drink your coffee, or eat your breakfast without a child climbing all over you.

Hands up those of you who just wanted to go to the toilet by yourself, or freshen up, or make something to eat for your children and / or yourself.

busy books hands up

Hands up who has taken a toddler or young child on a long car drive or plane trip and tried to keep them entertained?

Hands up who has been embarrassed when going out to restaurants, or friends houses, because your child has been bored and wanted to run around everywhere. Or you don’t go out anymore because its just too hard with your little one.

Hands up who has been that parent at your older kids sports games running around after your toddler, who doesn’t want to sit still, and you end up missing out on watching the game.

And hands up to those who feel guilty for allowing your child “too much” screen time during the day.

Busy Books Australia’s Busy Books are perfect parenting tools for those times when you want to just do something “normal” like eat your breakfast, go to the toilet, travel on a plane, take a long car ride, eat out at a restaurant or watch a sports game. Not only will the Busy Books entertain your child with its fun and colourful activities but your child is learning while they play.

You deserve some me time.

Why not grab a Busy Book today.

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