Alex Emms

Alex’s passion is supporting the wellbeing of young children and their families through 1:1 parent coaching support. She specialises in working with parents of children aged 1-6 years old. Alex supports parents to manage their child’s behaviours in a way that fosters wellbeing for the whole family. The skills she teaches you as parents will give you a solid foundation for supporting and nurturing the relationship with your child in a way that not only manages their behaviour but supports their wellbeing socially and emotionally as well. Setting them up for life success. 

Through her role as a Behaviour Teacher in the primary school system, she coached both parents and teachers in evidence-based, behaviour management strategies. Her training and professional development was through the trauma-informed Berry Street ( and Reboot ( programs. This training and her 10 years of experience, combined with her own research in respectful parenting and attachment theory, helps the children and the parents that work with Alex to flourish.  

Alex has been a guest on a number of popular podcasts including; Beyond the Bump, Tales from the 4th Trimester and This Glorious Mess.  

Parent Coach and Behavioural Specialist of Kids Flourish 

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