Renee Ellison

Stephanie 5

Renee is the owner of She Made, Mumma of 4 and your all round HYPE gal! Renee’s souls mission is to inspire and empower women to prioritise themselves using rituals and self care practices (note this goes deeper then a solo bath or Sunday self care day) Ren is here to show you how you too, can ensure your cup is overflowing daily and allow it to pour into the ones that matter most. Throughout my days at She Made Ren host workshops, runs retreats, sell products online and also focusing on her beautiful children, reminding them daily to use positive affirmations and to try reframe their language so they too can be happy, confident and aim to live their best lives. We, as mothers have such a huge responsibility to help nurture and foster our children’s mindset but it all starts with US. Us as the mothers, we need to ensure our mindset is clear, we are living in alignment so that it can have a ripple affect onto our children.

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