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Alicia has been a teacher for 10 years working in the public education sector.

Alicia started her career at a school in a low socioeconomic area and this is where her interest in catering for all types of learners grew. Alicia was faced with students with varying learning difficulties and various social and emotional issues, she needed to develop creative and interesting ways to present lessons in order to have engaged learners.

Now as a mum of 3 boys, this interest in catering for all learners has extended to the ways in which boys learn. Alicia’s boys love nature, outdoors and moving!


Other Experts

Renee is the owner of She Made, Mumma of 4 and your all round HYPE gal! Renee’s souls mission is to inspire and empower women

Jill has been an Occupational Therapist for 2 years and has previous experience working in the disability sector. The majority of her caseload is paediatrics,

Brooke is a Mum to five beautiful kids ranging from seven months old to seven years old. Two of Brookes children have special needs. Their

Blaire is a Mum of two from Victoria. Her 3.5 year old, Maya, is speech delayed and has been working on lengthening her sentences and