Rhyannon is the Founder & Director of Be Heard Therapy & Supports, which provides individualised support services and products to children with additional needs and their families.

Rhyannon is incredibly passionate about supporting children to develop skills and confidence to communicate in the best way for them. Active listening is incredibly important and a key part of everything they do, to ensure everyone’s voice is acknowledged, respected and heard.

Rhyannon’s other big passion area is supporting children’s mental health, especially anxiety and self-confidence. Having had anxiety her whole life Rhyannon is very aware of the impact it can have and how difficult it can be to work through. Rhyannon loves being able to support children through their own journey.

Having studied both education and psychology Rhyannon loves bringing play based and interest focused activities to support children’s goals and wellbeing. A big focus of what they do at Be Heard is building strong and positive relationships so that they can create a safe and supportive environment for children to have a go and try new things.





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