Fine Motor Development

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Fine Motor Development – Kid Sense Child Development

Fine motor development involve the small muscles of the body that provide movements in areas such as the hands, fingers and eyes. Fine motor skills are also responsible for the coordination between these areas i.e. hand and eye coordination. Fine motor skills enable activities such as eating, writing, grasping objects, typing and dressing. These skills are also known as fine motor dexterity.

The ability to perform fine motor skills develops over time and during early childhood. The skills begin by grabbing at larger objects and then slowly develop to movements involving more definitive hand and eye coordination such as drawing and fastening clothing.

Effective fine motor skills are extremely important in order to carry out everyday activities. Problems in a child’s development of fine motor skills can occur for many reasons and could be a result of neurological impairments, illness, delayed development or injury. Weaknesses in the small muscles that are responsible for these movements will affect a child’s ability to perform activities such as:

Getting dressed
Eating independently
Using a computer
Brushing teeth and hair
Washing efficiently
Turning pages of a book

Children with fine motor skill weakness may also present symptoms such as perceptual difficulties, poor auditory memory skills, reduced confidence as speakers and listeners, and poor verbal comprehension skills.

How do your feel your little one is doing with their Fine Motor Development?

Our Busy Books are absolutely fantastic for helping little ones with Fine Motor Development, with the actions of removing the velcro cut outs from one page and matching them onto the correct image on the activity not only helping with the graphing technique but also helping with things such as memory, attention to detail, hand eye coordination, confidence within oneself from completing activities, concentration, verbal skills and comprehension and much more.

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