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life skills

What are Life Skills? – Skills You Need

Our Busy Books are more than just an activity book, they teach a range of amazing fundamental life skills and have a wide range of special features. Lets check them out:

Fundamental Life Skills:

As your little one is playing and learning with their Busy Book they are also developing amazing fundamental life skills such as:

???? cognitive development,

???? problem solving skills,

???? vocabulary,

???? fine motor skills,

???? hand eye coordination,

???? concentration

???? patience and emotional development to name a few

Our Busy Books have been designed on a learning gradient, please don’t expect your little one to complete their Busy Books the day, week, or even the month they receive them, they are designed to challenge them over time and keep them engaged and learning through play.

Our Busy Books can be enjoyed by your little on on their own, to receive the best outcome we encourage one on one bonding and learning time with carers observing and guiding little ones when needed.

Special Features:

Our beautiful books are full of a range of special features that have been developed and included to make your busy life easier, and your toddlers learning smoother. These features include:

✅ Fun educational activities that increase in learning difficulty as you proceed through each section.

✅ Clean and clear activities, developed so as to not overwhelm your little one with too much going on.

✅ Strong celo-glazed pages that are easily cared for, with the ability to be drawn on with a whiteboard marker and wiped clean.

✅ A complimentary whiteboard marker with every Alphabet, Numbers and Writing Skills Busy Book.

✅ A strong spiral bind to firmly hold the fun filled pages together whilst allowing maximum flexibility.

✅ Quality velcro dots on each activity cut out, and quality clear velcro dots on the actual activities, providing your toddler with full visual of the activities as they learn through play.

✅ Each activity page is numbered, and each set of matching activity cut outs also is numbered with the corresponding number, to help make tidying up easier.

✅ A complete additional set of activity cut outs are also provided to you in a secure PVC zip lock bag, valued at $29.95, giving you the opportunity to save these should any of your books cut outs be lost or damaged.

✅ Busy Books VIP Group on Facebook, Busy Books Australia VIP Facebook Group, an educational parenting community filled with interesting articles on your little ones development and where you can swap and share your additional cut outs with other like minded parents and caregivers.

✅ Busy Books Australia Panel of Experts, found in our Busy Books Australia VIP Facebook Group, consists of a Speech Therapist, Occupational Therapist and Early Childhood Educator. The experts change every few months with new experts coming onboard. Each expert provided the members of our VIP Group with regular articles including tips, tricks and insider industry knowledge on how to get the most out of your Busy Books!

✅ Busy Books Australia Directory of Panel of Experts. This directory consists of all the Experts that have featured on our Panel and can be found HERE.

✅ National Disability Insurance Scheme – if your child is under NDIS you may be able to purchase our Busy Books through NDIS, click HERE for more information.

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