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Learning Colours With Busy Books

Learning Colours With Busy Books

Learning Colours with Busy Books

By Cina Thomson, Early Childhood educator of www.instagram.com/grow.and.play.together

“Memphis (4yo) has been very interested in Colour and Shape sorting, so what perfect way to extend this was to use our Colours, Shapes and Patterns Busy Book & extra set of cut outs.
Using our Magnetic Tiles, Memphis and I created cubes in solid colours. Then added a velcro dot to the front to the tile , This was to show what category would may be sorting into such as Colours, Shapes, What is is (Animal, Car, Food ). The Busy Book allows for endless possibilities with categories.

Memphis wanted to sort into Colours, so we created our colour cubes to sort into. Then we picked many different cut of pieces to sort, displaying them in front.
As your child starts to learn colours, you could start of with the Primary Colours (Red , Yellow & Blue) then gradually add the Secondary (Green, Orange & Purple). Then adding the Tertiary & Tones into the mix.

What is the Importance of Colour & Shape Recognition

Colour recognition provides children with the essential tools for Learning. Through this activity we explored Mathematics, using categorise, sort, compare & organise. As Children learn to identify colours, they begin to develop descriptive language skills, continuing to extend their Language Development along with strengthening their communication skills. Children will begin to use colours as a visual cue to identify danger or actions such as Red – Stop Sign, Hot Water or linking it to emotions like Angry.
Colour & Shapes create a foundation in many areas of learning such as mathematics, science & reading. We use colour & shapes to navigate through the world. Using road signs & Traffic lights, symbols & shapes for emergency services along with maps. Without even thinking about it, our minds automatically identifying colours and shapes, Green Man, Red Cross, Square Window. You will start to think about it more now that’s its been prompted. I know when writing this post I did.”

Thank you to Cina, early childhood educator from www.instagram.com/growandplaytogeher for the amazing educational content

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