Learning on a slight gentle gradient

learning on slight gradiant

Busy Books Australia have purposely designed our Busy Books on a slight gentle educational gradient to encourage toddlers to continue to challenge and push themselves, their knowledge and abilities.  Each section of the book, colours, shapes, patterns, alphabet, numbers etc start with basic activities and increase in the level of difficulty.  Do not expect your child to complete their Busy Book the day, week or even the month they receive it.

Beginning new activities with Busy Books

Your child is likely to need your assistance as they begin each new activity. Your assistance provides a great bonding and learning session for your child. This loving connection through one on one attention and gentle encouragement will do wonders for their self-confidence and happiness, helping to produce a more settled and content child. The new found physical, mental and emotional skills that you will see develop in your child are priceless.

We hope you enjoy the quiet one-on-one time with your child whilst learning through play with our Busy Books.

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