Motor Development

motor development

What Motor Development or Physical Development

Motor Development is the ability to control one’s movements, to take in, organise and interpret information through senses.

WOW that’s huge! Lets break this down…

Motor Development covers:

Perceptual Motor Development
Fine Motor Development
Gross Motor Development
Plus we also have:

Cognitive Development
Communicative Development
Emotional Development
Language Development
Behavioural Development
Social Development
Oh my! How amazing are our little ones to be so small and yet going through soooo much development in such as short space of time! It’s no wonder they can get so upset and overwhelmed, throwing what society calls a “tantrum”.

But what if we can look at what they are doing (tantrum) in another way? What if we can support them through these HUGE developmental milestones so that they feel more comfortable and we all feel less stressed and overwhelmed?

It starts with us, the parents and caregivers to gain that little bit of knowledge on what’s happening in their little bodies and minds and therefore gain the skills and patience to guide them through.

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