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Let’s Talk Together Digital Download Busy Book

Let’s Talk Together Digital Download Busy Book


Boost your child’s language development with these two incredible Busy Books. Created by award winning Speech Therapist, Emily Mackie, these one of a kind Busy Books are suitable for children starting to learn to talk right through to older non verbal children and / or children with delays.

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Feeling really creative!?   This digital download gives you the freedom to print, cut, laminate and bind the whole book  yourself or use each activity individually over time.

Let’s Talk Together Busy Book has 20 educational activities written by award-winning Australian Speech Pathologist, Emily Mackie.

Let’s Talk Together has been intentionally created to boost your child’s language development. This Busy Book includes the most important language concepts to build a strong foundation for communication. The concepts in this Busy Book are typically learnt by children between the ages of 2½ – 3 years.

The structure of this Busy Book is centred on evidence-based principles, which create a language learning approach for all children; however, children with language difficulties benefit from this explicit approach significantly.

Emily’s unique therapy method, as well as drawing on her inspiration from her two daughters and love of Australia; brings to life simple, yet effective activities for your child with beautiful images and popular themes.  Each goal has step-by-step instructions, modelled sentences, expected outcomes and teaching tips for parents, professionals and educators.

The lay out of goals in Let’s Talk Together makes it the perfect resource for the mobile speech pathologist or educator. It will become your go-to resource for using visuals in speech therapy and the classroom. You can easily refer to table of contents to select activities that align with your language goals quickly. It can also be recommended to parents to use as a home program for their child.

Let’s Talk Together also aligns with The Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) and National Quality Standards for Early Childhood Education.

Let’s Talk Together was written by Certified, Practicing Speech Pathologist, Emily Mackie. To read more about Emily click here.   

  NOTE:  This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT which you can print at home or at your local print or  stationary shop where they can print and laminate it for you. Alternatively if you do not wish to  laminate each page you can place them in a plastic sleeve in a folder so you can reuse them and  wipe them clean. Please be aware that additional costs can apply after download, such as print,  laminate, velcro dots and binding.  DIY not for you? Check out our Printed ready to ship and  play Busy Books where all the hard work is done for you.

Boost your child’s language development with these two incredible Busy Books. Created by award winning Speech Therapist, Emily Mackie, these one of a kind Busy Books are suitable for children starting to learn to talk right through to older non verbal children and / or children with delays.

Let’s Talk Together:

Descriptive concepts

  • Big/little
  • Same/different

Location Concepts

  • Top/Bottom
  • Under/Over

Quantity Concepts

  • Empty/ Full

‘Wh’ Questions

  • What doing?
  • What do we do with it? (functions)
  • Who’s this?
  • Where?


  • Gender- Boy and Girl
  • Verbs and Grammar

Sentence Structure

  • Negation ‘no’
  • Negation ‘not’

Fine motor skills

Hand eye coordination

Cognitive development skills

Excellent for children with language difficulties, including receptive and expressive language difficulties.

Excellent for neurodiverse children


Emily’s mission for improving children’s health has been a driving force in the Australian speech pathology industry for 15 years. For her expertise she was named Australian Speech Pathologist of the Year.

Emily is passionate about seeing every child step into their purpose and overcome barriers to communication. This passion has led her to establish the Speak About Speech Pathology clinics, The Successful Speechie Academy and reach educators with her online course, Language Unlocked.

She has impacted health professionals, educators, and children all around the world; and is equally invested in helping parents now with a collaboration with Busy Books Australia. Emily knows the vital role parents play in their child’s development and strives to equip parents with innovative, yet simple activities to teach their children.

Emily currently lives with her husband, Michael and her two daughters in Western Sydney. When she’s not sipping cold tea, conquering a mountain of washing or working; she loves to bury herself in a good novel, cook up a storm or relax by the pool.

Emily is a certified, practising Speech Pathologist with a Bachelor of Applied Science (Speech Therapy) from The University of Sydney.

She has been featured on ABC In Sydney, Twinkl, Western Sydney Women, The Western Weekender and many podcasts.

If you would like to know more about Emily, you can find her at:


Instagram: emilymackie.speechie
Facebook: emilymackie.speechie
LinkedIn: emily-mackie-speechie

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