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Starting with Sounds Digital Download Busy Book

Starting with Sounds Digital Download Busy Book


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Speech Pathologists
Speech Pathologists
Occupational Therapists
Occupational Therapists
Early Childhood Educators
Pediatric Pathologists
Feeling really creative!?   This digital download gives you the freedom to print, cut, laminate and bind the whole book  yourself or use each activity individually over time. Starting with Sounds – 20 fun interactive activities focusing on the explicit teaching of phonological awareness, together with phonics (the connection between letters and sounds) in a  sequential, play based approach to harness early literacy skills in a fun, engaging and evidenced based way. The content of this Busy Book was created by Mariah Apostolopoulas, a certified,  practising speech pathologist passionate about early child development.  NOTE:  This is a DIGITAL PRODUCT which you can print at home or at your local print or  stationary shop where they can print and laminate it for you. Alternatively if you do not wish to  laminate each page you can place them in a plastic sleeve in a folder so you can reuse them and  wipe them clean. Please be aware that additional costs can apply after download, such as print,  laminate, velcro dots and binding.  DIY not for you? Check out our Printed ready to ship and  play Busy Books where all the hard work is done for you.
  • Fundamental literacy concepts important for learning to read, spell and write 
  • Syllable counting  
  • Rhyme detection 
  • Initial phoneme identification and alliteration 
  • Final phoneme identification and consonance 
  • Medial phoneme identification and consonance 
  • Phoneme blending 
  • Phoneme segmenting 
  • Onset-rime 
  • Strengthening phoneme-graphing lines 
  • Builds vocabulary 
  • Assists with development of speech 
  • Excellent for children with speech and intellectual delays 
  • Gain cognitive development skills 
  • Problem solving skills 
  • Fine motor skills 
  • Hand eye coordination 
  • Patience under understanding 


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