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Spectrum Souls

Spectrum Souls

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I recently came across an Instagram account that really caught my attention. The content really resonated with me and I could feel the writers passion through her posts. I reached out to the account to learn more about the person behind it, who they are and what is their “why”. This is how to came to meet Nadija from Spectrum Souls, www.instagram.com/spectrum.souls

Spectrum Souls was created, and is run by the amazing Nadija. It’s all about her two special children that present with ASD and ADHD, her journey as a parent and it is a wealth of knowledge and tips. I wanted to share a bit more about Nadija with you all, so I asked her to put pen to paper and tell us a bit more about her wonderful self.

“I created Spectrum Souls to empower other parents embarking on, or currently on an ASD journey with their special children. I provide helpful therapy tips and tricks that have worked for us, review incredible resources that would benefit all children, offer support to those on the same journey, and give you a little dose of honesty with a look into my life.

My passion is parents. Empowering parents with knowledge, is key. Allowing other parents to realise, that it’s ok to be run down and not to put too much pressure or expectations on themselves. I want other parents to know that they are not alone, and that if they ever need to reach out to someone, I am always happy to be that person.

My motivation is children. When my children couldn’t communicate, my motivation came from them. There is so much to learn about children and if each parent can have access to tips and tricks that help them better understand their child or communicate with them, well that just means the world to me.

I’m also very passionate about two charities – Project Rescue Children and Gucci Childrens Foundation. Parents all around the world, turn to PRC and the GCF to stop child trafficking, grooming and child sexual assault. PRC and GCF truly fight for kids and protect them.”

Busy Books Australia is excited to align ourselves with Nadija and Spectrum Souls. We will be working together throughout 2022 to continue to help empower children and parents as we travel along this road called life together. Stay tuned for more from us soon and make sure you check our Spectrum Souls at www.instagram.com/spectrum.souls

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