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Wooohooo Busy Books Australia is now live and all our awesome Busy Book products are ready to join you and your busy toddler for lots of learning through play fun!

Please take the time to look through all our products to work out what best suits you and your lifestyle.

For the busy family we have our Printed Busy Books, where you can enjoy the ease of your own ready made, quality printed and bound Busy Book delivered to your door. No need to download, print, cut out, laminate and put all those Velcro dots on, as all the hard work is already done for you. Choose from our Colours, Shapes and Patterns 20 activity Busy Book or our Alphabet, Numbers and Writing Skills 20 activity Busy Book. Or why not bundle and SAVE and take home our Busy Book Bundle!

For those who love getting creative, you can download our complete Colours, Shapes, Patterns digital Busy Book or our complete Alphabet, Numbers and Writing Skills digital Busy Book. Or alternatively you can also bundle the digital books and SAVE, downloading both Busy Books! The digital download gives you the freedom to print, cut, laminate and bind either the whole book yourself or use each activity, or section, individually over a period of time.

For those who would just like a little taste of Busy Book life, we have our individual collections, where you can download either, or multiples of the Colours, Shapes, Patterns, Alphabet, Numbers or Writing Skills collections.

busy book bundle

Still unsure, try our FREE GIFT download.

We are sure you will come back for more Busy Book fun.

If you haven’t already, please follow us on our Facebook and Instagram and join our Busy Books Australia VIP Group on Facebook. As a VIP you will be able to:

Connect with like minded parents and educators
Share your child’s gains and successes with their Busy Books
Share or swap your extra cut our pieces
Share videos or photos of your children playing with their Busy Books
Gain special VIP freebies
Hear about any Books Book restocks and new products before released to the public.

What age are the Busy Books suited to? That depends on your child’s ability but mostly from age 2 through to school age. Our Busy Books have been designed to learn on a gradient of basic to more advanced activities. Not only will your child learn about Colours, Shapes, Patterns, Alphabet, Numbers and Writing Skills, but they will gain a wide variety of life skills, such as:

Improve their fine motor skills
Learn focus and control
Attention to detail
Improve hand eye coordination
Gain cognitive development
Build on their problem solving skills
Increase in vocabulary
And an increase in concentration and patience
Our Busy Books are also beneficial for children who have sensory processing difficulties. With a non-overly stimulating design and gentle repetition throughout the book, they are a great tool for parents and educators, such as speech therapist and occupational therapists. Our Busy Books can help to consolidate language concepts and to support children’s receptive language (the ability to understand language words, phrases and sentences), as well as assisting with the ability to follow directions, with not just toddlers, but also young children who may experience learning difficulties.

A lot of love, care and attention to detail has gone into creating our Busy Books and we know you and your little one are going to LOVE them. If you have any questions please contact me at hello@busybooksaustralia.com.au

Okay, let’s get you and your little one started on their Busy Book journey!


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