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Busy Books for 5 year olds

For your five-year-old’s developmental adventure, we offer a variety of Busy Books tailored to meet their learning needs and curiosities. If your goal is to bolster speech and learning, our Colours Shapes Patterns Busy Book is designed to enrich vocabulary and introduce fundamental concepts through engaging activities. For little ones fascinated by farm life, My Little Farm Busy Book not only immerses them in the rural world but also weaves in essential basic math and handwriting exercises.
As school approaches, our Alphabet Numbers Writing Skills Busy Book serves as an excellent primer for recognising letters and numbers, setting a solid foundation for academic success. And for those beginning to show an interest in phonics, our Starting with Sounds Busy Book introduces the SATPIN method, an explicit approach to learning sounds that many educators recommend.
Each book is crafted to support your child’s growth, curiosity, and love for learning, making every page turn an exciting step on their educational path.

Busy books for 2 years old

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