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We suggest ensuring your child is very familiar with their Alphabet prior to introducing any reading to them. Our Alphabet Numbers Writing Skills Busy Book is great for helping your child recognise letters and numbers and begin to show an interest in basic writing skills. A great busy book for easing your child into school or helping to cement what they have learnt in school.
Starting with Sounds Busy Book. Some children begin to show an interest in sounding out words and sounds of letters around the age of 4/5 years of age, others may not show an interest in this for a year or two and that is also ok. If you child is starting to show an interest in this we recommend the Stating with Sounds Busy Book. Designed by a speech therapist this busy book focuses on the science of reading and follows SATPIN, which refers to the first six letters that many phonics programs begin with when introducing initial sounds to children. The combination of SATPIN letters yields the most words and has 2 continuous sounds to get students started with word building. Your child will need your guidance with this Busy Book.
Now we’re Reading Busy Book is the perfect following Busy Book from Starting with Sounds. This Busy Book was also designed by a speech therapist and follows the Science of Reading. It is a wonderful Busy Book to introduce your child to the concept of reading and create core fundamental knowledge of how to read. We suggest reviewing the video of this Busy Book on the product page to see if it would be suitable for your child.

Busy books for 2 years old

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