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Velcro Busy Books

Introducing Velcro Busy Books, a dynamic collection designed to enhance hands-on learning experiences for children. These books offer a diverse range of topics, from Fundamentals of Multiplication and Fundamentals of Division to My Little Farm, My Body Mindfulness Time, Alphabet, Numbers, Writing Skills, Community and Construction, Pairing, Numeracy, Money, Starting with Sounds, Now We’re Reading, Exploring Our World, and Starting with Science, providing an interactive and engaging way for children to explore and develop essential skills through the use of Velcro pieces and educational content.

We use quality 20cm clear velcro dots on our busy books to ensure that your child has unobstructed viewing of every detail on the activity page. We feel this is so important as children do not need any extra distractions when they are learning.

Busy books for 2 years old

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